Munificence Mun 2023 University MUN at Delhi University

Munificence MUN 2023

Venue: Don Bosco School Alaknanda, New Delhi, Delhi, India

Date: 28th & 29th October, 2023

Organizer: Munificence MUN

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"Greetings Delegates! “All diplomacy is a continuation of war by other means” ✨✨ We are delighted to bring forth to you the Fourth Edition of the Munificence Model United Nations conference 2023. ⭐ Delegates Applications are out now, so join us by registering through the link provided under ⭐ Dates: 28th & 29th October, 2023.

Venue: North Campus, Delhi University

Registeration link: Committee's and Agenda's- 1. United Nations General Assembly

Agenda: Promoting Peaceful Resolution of Territorial Disputes: Preventing Conflict and Fostering Diplomacy 2. Historic Security Council Agenda: Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan 🇷🇺🇦🇫 3. United Nations Commission on the Status of Women Agenda: a) Closing the gender gap in social protection b) Addressing gender-based discrimination in criminal justice systems 4. United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism

Agenda: Enhancing Cybersecurity: Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure and Countering Cyber Threats 5. Lok Sabha Agenda: Deliberation on the right of the LGBTQIA community with special emphasis on current marriage acts & Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill🏳‍🌈 6. INTERNATIONAL PRESS 🎥

Agenda: Coverage of the event a) Journalists 🎤 b) Photographers 📸 EXCITING PERKS FOR THE DELEGATES 👉🏻Certificate of Merit

👉🏻Enthralling Cash Prizes For Each Committee

👉🏻Training sessions and workshops from experienced individuals for learning the functioning of MUNs

👉🏻Trophies and Momentos for the winners

👉🏻Delegate kits 👉🏻Meals shall be provided during the conference If you feel you have what it takes to be the cause of the leap, join in with us and avail yourself of this chance to delegate your favorite country🫡!! For further queries, contact us at:

Arjun Arora: +91-9953811037


Aishani Brahma: +91-9810894520

(Chief coordinator)


Instagram Handle: Regards

Team Munificence"