6 Best Ways to Make Efficient Notes & Study Smarter in 2024

Dr. Urooj Shamim
April 12, 2024

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This article talks about 6 Best Ways to Make Efficient Notes & Study Smarter in 2024 in the Study Smarter Category. This article is written by Dr. Urooj Shamim on Apr 12, 2024

The Art of Note Making in a Short Time & The Guide to Study Smarter

Note Making is an Art which unfortunately takes quite a lot of time to master, but in reality, this should not be the case. Just think about it, We are taught everything in school from reading, writing etc. However, we are never taught how to take notes in an Effective, and Quick Way.


If you can relate to what I said above, then you are at the right place. Its high time to stop Gate Keeping the Secrets to Effective Note Making & Smarter Studying, and share it with you all to make your lives easier. These are the tricks that I used to pass my Med-School with Distinction, and honours, so you know it's coming from a Point of Experience.

  1. Less is More in Note Taking 😲

    Always remember that the more you add to your Notes, the more Cumbersome they become to Retain and Revise from a couple of days before your Exam. While making your notes, always ask yourself will I be able to revise all of this a few days before my exam? If the answer is no, then cut down the dead weight!

  2. Make your notes Crisp & Relevant 🤗

    Pointers go a long way and are much easier to read and understand from. The longer the paragraphs you write, the higher the chances that you blank out, and are unable to remember what you had memorized through your notes. Try to write key phrases, and keywords more than writing full-on paragraphs of information to memorize!

  3. Color Coding Your Notes 💛

    Color Coding as a strategy for Effective Note Making, and Smarter Studying is not talked about much but is actually an absolute gamechanger. it really helps you memorise well, and to retain Information by triggering the Memory Centers in your Brain. I can't count the number of times i have been able to remember the Answer to a Question in an Exam based on the Color of Text the answer was written in, in my notes. Try It if you don't believe me!

  4. Making Flow charts & Tables 📊

    Flow Charts, Tables, and such Diagrams might seem intimidating, but once you develop an understanding of them, they become your best buddies, and become your go-to strat for cracking Exams! You can fit at least 2 pages worth of Information in a Single Table. The Flow Charts have always worked for me to learn mechanisms. I would make my own Flow Charts, and it would help me better understand the topic, and its way quicker! Additionally, teachers love this strategy as well.

  5. Mnemonics & Abbreviations 

    One of the best way that fetched me Bonus Points on every Exam I took in Medical School is through the Use of Mnemonics and abbreviations. They just make it so much easier for you to retain a Huge Amount of Information by just remembering a Word, It's Crazy how Effective they are. Abbreviations help reduce your time while making notes, and during exam. Just make sure you don't invent your own abbreviation for exams, and stick to relatively known abbreviations otherwise it can leave the Examiner puzzled. Thus, better to stick to Universally Acceptable Abbreviations.

  6. Through Pictorial Representation i.e Diagrams 📈

    Make a habit of learning the Important Figures and diagrams, and draw them Multiple Times to practice, and perfect making them when it comes to learning subjects such as Anatomy.

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