The World Youth Convention 2023

The World Youth Convention 2023

Venue: ATLAS SkillTech University, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Date: 18th & 19th November, 2023

Organizer: The World Youth Convention

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The World Youth Convention represents a fusion of exceptional talent drawn from the esteemed Model United Nations circuit of Mumbai, which is renowned as one of the foremost in our nation.
This visionary initiative, known as the World Youth Convention, is poised to materialize on the 18th and 19th of November, 2023, hosted at the esteemed Atlas SkillTech University in Mumbai. From Exclusive Upskilling resources to over 1 Lakh Rupees in Cash prizes, don't just watch the hype, be it!
Committees and Agendas-

1. United Nation's Security Council-
 Tackling rising naval tensions in the South China Sea with special emphasis on the right of innocent passage.

2. Disarmament and International Security Council-
Creating frameworks to prevent the development of an arms race in outer space.

3. United Nation's High Commissioner of Refugees-
Deliberation on measures to prove identity and ends statelessness of individuals.

4. All Bharat Political Parties Meet-
Assessing how India's foreign policy influences trade, environment, and defense, and suggesting measures for global cooperation.

5. Constant Crisis Committee-
The 1982 Israel-Lebanese Conflict

6. International Press

- Event Dates: 18-19 November, 2023.
- Venue: The ATLAS SkillTech University, BKC, Mumbai.
- Delegate fee: Rs 2500/-

We look forward to hosting you!!!